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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Show Review: Some Ember & Cathedral X @ The Void

Show Review
Some Ember
& Cathedral X
@ The Void in San Diego, CA.

  Grand opening of the Void last night.  How come SD Dialed In left the show off of the weekly listings?  Didn't think that was how SD Dialed In rolled.  Surely an unfortunate over sight, although truth be told being left off the SD Dialed In listings is probably the coolest thing that could happen to an SD show.

  Decent turn out despite the sub arctic (for San Diego) temperatures which were scraping the mid 40s by midnight last night.  They took that stupid ass long table out of the front room/bar area- huge improvement over the lay out at Eleven.

  Cathedral X opened- they are down to two people now- see last weeks Local's Only in San Diego City Beat squib about what happened to member 3.   So now it's Amanda singing and the other member during the costumey/dancey thing.  They had heavier beats- it reminded me of Zola Jesus performing to early Autechre (new double LP out now!)

  Amanda needs to engage the Audience more and move around more on stage- the live show is pretty static the way it is now.

  Some Ember was in town from Oakland.  They were a bit of a revelation, traversing the same general area as Cold Showers, i.e. gothy pop influenced by Bauhaus, The Cure, Joy Division, etc.  They had a four piece band with a live drummer and a girl playing the keyboards.  The songwriting was strong and the delivery of the material was impassioned- it was a promising melange.  Unfortunatly gothy pop bands don't seem to be striking the fancy of the indie blogger nation ATM so it we'll see how far Some Ember can take it- I'm going to support them though.

  If you are in the SF Bay Area give them a shot- looks like they gig fairly often up there.

  Not trying to dis SISU by omitting them from the review but I'm more or less friends with a couple members of the band and any review would lack objectivity.

  Tomorrow night is Monotone signed band SIR SLY- for free- at the Casbah- check it out- they could have a hit single on the radio in a matter of months.

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