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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Show Review: Feed Me f/ Teeth & Mord Fustang @ The Fonda

Jon Gooch Feed Me rolls 2500 deep in LA.

Show Review:
 Feed Me f/ Teeth
& Mord Fustang
@ The Henry Fonda

    Man a couple of recent posts have me feeling like this blog is more relevant to the local music scene then it's been in five years.  First, I got the citation on San Diego City Beat about the The Void and THEN some guy got all huffy about a local show review and the musician got huffy and long story short I took the post down- FYI ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK-  I really don't give a s*** about this blog and if something I write actually offends someone I have zero compunction about taking the post down whether or not the criticism is justified so just ask.

  I was in LA this weekend and went to see one of two sold out nights with EDM artist Feed Me headlining the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

  I hadn't heard of Feed Me until last week but when I was told he had sold out the Fonda Theatre a week in advance I figured, "Well, 1200 people can't be that wrong."   Turns out he is well travelled English DJ/producer who put out a record in 2012 on Deadmaus' label.  Also, Deadmaus has his own record label.    Feed Me has the Christian name of Jonathan Gooch, and he goes back a way in EDM- all the way back to drum and bass.

  Prior to attending I had identified Feed Me's break out hit as his snappy "One Click Headshot" a paint-by-numbers dubstep composition enlivened by a brilliant sample of "FPS Doug" who is well known in internet Meme generating circles for being the "Boom! Headshot!" guy.  That clip has millions of you tube views so building a dub step tune around it seems obvious in hindsight.  Apparently it is enough to motivate close to 2500 people to plunk down 35 bucks a piece over two nights.

  And indeed, when Feed Me played his hit close to the end of his set the crowd went bananas.  Grade A, certified, FDA organic BANANAS.  In case you haven't seen a dubstep set, it basically involves standing around until the DJ reaches "the drop" followed by jumping around crazy mosh style.   When the crowd actually knows the song and can anticipate the drop the scene can get pretty frenetic.

  Jonathan Gooch/Feed Me performed behind a display of screens that are set up to resemble a mouth full of teeth (Feed Me f/ Teeth refers to the DJ + electronic array.)  So the various individual teeth have a synchronized visual display that accompanies the music.  It reminded me of the "x wing fighter" that serves a similar function in the arena rock set up for Skrillex.  Also, there were lasers, glorious, glorious lasers.  The sound system of the Fonda was of course, incredible, and the location was a good deal more accessible then a place like the Palladium let alone an outdoor/stadium sized EDM event.

  Unfortunately, The Fonda didn't really handle the transition between Mord Fustang and headliner Feed Me particularly well- the Audience was left standing around awkwardly for 20 minutes listening to Gorrilaz tunes.  Mord Fustangs set was characterized by the kind of interdisciplinary EDM that I associate with Wolfgang Gartner and Madeon.  Likewise, headliner Feed Me displayed  a grasp of EDM that surpassed that of a strictly "dub step" artist, even though One Click Headshot is a straight-up dub step number and not even a good one at that- a popular number for sure though.

  The crowd was all ages and looked like it.  Pretty easy to see this guy headlining a stadium or tour or the Sahara tent at Coachella- like a mixture of Daft Punk, Justice and Skrillex, he's got a formula that hits all the sweet spots and he can already pull down close to 2500 fans in a weekend.

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