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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Show Review: Dreamboys @ The Void

Show Review
@ The Void

 Dreamboys (LA) was the opening band last night but they really stood out- particularly in the context of being an opening band on a three band bill.  They are an all male four piece- members have prior band experience- in the vein of Beach Fossils and the whole Woodist crowd of Artists.   Adept song writing, competent musicianship and an assured performance manner really made Dreamboys stand out- particularly when a mid-set internet search reveals no info about the band other then a couple DIY shows up in LA.  My friend who works at the Echo complex hadn't heart of them.  Someone told me they have a finished LP that they are 'shopping.'  Also they had a clever tape for sale where they have a couple songs interspersed with a real "mix tape" with some cool, better known bands on it.

  Don't have a single thing to say that be construed in a negative light- Dreamboys really stood out- if you are in So Cal keep your eyes peeled and I'm about 100% that the LP they are shopping will get picked up by a reputable indie- so look for that later this year maybe.

  Also, I confirmed that the Allah Ah's sold out the Casbah last night- they got some real momentum going.  LP is on Innovative Leisure- which is owned by Hanni al Khatib.  Keep your eyes on the Allah Ahs when they start touring nationwide.

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