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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Show Review: Chelsea Wolfe @ The Loft

Show Review
Chelsea Wolfe @ The Loft

  As I sample different recordings of Chelsea Wolfe on Youtube, Last Fm, Spotify it occurs to me that you could casually listen to her stuff and be "on the fence" about whether "she can sing." Well let me assure you Chelsea Wolfe's voice is amazing.  She's got a great thing going: outre stylistic markings (End of Time Literature! David Lynch! Soviet Russia! and paired it with an accessible folky sound and a convincing image.  I came into the show basically ignorant of the charm and left a convert- even though I  do not spend a whole hell of a lot of time listening to folk derived indie music.  Something about the "doom" part really sold it to me. I guess that's just something I'm into.

  There was some discussion at the show about a potential late summer tour pairing Chelsea Wolfe and Dirty Beaches- which in my mind would be somewhat akin to the Dirty Beaches/Xiu Xiu tour that happened last year- that was a fun tour!  I bet Chelsea Wolfe/Dirty Beaches would be fun, too.

 One thing I didn't like was the venue: Specifically the bartender who frothed three lattes DURING Chelsea's headlining set.  I watched someone confront the behind the bar staff about it being disrespectful and the bartender treated the PAYING CUSTOMER like he/she was insane to complain.

   Um no- you who work the bar at the Loft during the Chelsea Wolfe show are morons who obviously haven't been properly trained, otherwise you wouldn't be frothing a god damn latte during a headlining set at your venue.  You know what? Next time- just tell the asshole ordering 3 lattes at a concert venue at 11 PM to fucking wait for their precious late night latte.

 Oh also the Zanzibar Cafe downtown (the bar at the Loft venue at UCSD is called "Zanzibar at The Loft" and is run by the same people.) Has had rats- more then once. Fact.  If you go here you can see the reinspections that they had to do after the Health Department found rats at their restaurant.  So that's the kind of people you are dealing with.

  The Loft in general just kind of sux- wouldn't recommend it for a show.

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