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Monday, February 04, 2013

Haunted Hearts 7" Up To #1 Slot In Weekly Top Sellers At Revolver

  The new Haunted Hearts 7", which hits stores tomorrow, is up to the #1 slot in Revolver's Weekly Top Seller Chart.  Compare that to the new BNM dubbed Grouper record- which is currently sitting at #4 on the same chart.  Haunted Hearts 7" has also advanced to the top 10 on the Top Monthly Sellers Chart and #27 on the Top Three Month Sellers Chart.

  Another comparison to make is to the Night Marchers record that came out in January: #6 Weekly Chart; #2 on the Monthly Chart and #5 on the Three Month Chart.

   It's worth pointing out this position was reached organically- the only blog/press post on this record was a Pitchfork post from December 2nd of last year.  I'm just saying this isn't a record that is blowing up on the internet, rather it is being ordered by record stores to sell in their shops to customers.  That's something besides relying on blogs to blow up your Artist overnight.

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