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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DVA Damas Debut Full Length For Sale At Revolver/Midheaven

DVA Damas

  Currently holding it down in the 10-20 area of the Revolver/Midheaven Weekly Top Seller list, DVA Damas debut full length is on sale over there.

  This is a good example of a band that is actually cooler then Pitchfork- just check out their absence of mention of DVA Damas.

  Instead you've got cool MP3 posts from No Conclusion, No Fear Of Pop, AND BLOGS OF THAT NATURE.


  This band is very much part of the LA No-Wave underground championed by Not Not Fun,100% Silk and San Diego's own DREAM.  In fact, this DVA Damas record is listed by Revolver as being a co-release with DREAM- THOUGH THE EXACT RELATIONSHIP IS MURKY.  I believe Mario was simply doing a favor for a friend to get Revolver/Midheaven to carry the record- which is on their Weekly Top Seller Chart, mind you.

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