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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Telling Pit Bull & Flo Rida Apart

Florida Rapper Pit Bull

Florida rapper Flo Rida

    One of the things I've been thinking the most about over the December holiday is the difference between rappers Pit Bull and Flo Rida, like, I'm always getting them confused.  Is that Flo Rida in the Bud Light commercial?  No, it's Pit Bull!  Is that stripper dancing to the latest Pit Bull single featuring Nickie Minaj- no- that would be Flo Rida.  This happens to me once, maybe twice A DAY.

    When I share this issue with friends they inevitably say, "Scott- get a grip- Pit Bull is Cuban and Flo Rida is black!"  But you know what?  It's not that simple.  First of all, they both habitually wear their hair short/bald with over-sized mirrored sun glasses (see above.)  Second, their music always contains similar elements: re-purposed processed samples of classic pop hits and so many guest spots that is often unclear whether the song is a Flo Rida/Pit Bull song OR a song by the other Artists in which Pit Bull/Flo Rida are themselves guesting.

  I wish I had a solution?  Some simple way to keep them separate- but other then "Pit Bull = Cuban; Flo Rida = Black" I don't have any easy answers- just a lot of hard and patient work keeping them separate.

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