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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dirty Beaches Announces Double LP on Zoo Music; Shares New Song From That Record

  So I'm sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon, reading a fascinating biography of Brigham Young, when Alex Dirty Beaches decides to leak his own song.  24 hours later it looks like a pretty damn brilliant move:


   What can you do except roll with it?  Maybe it's not how the traditional music industry operates, but fuck it, doesn't look like they are doing very well right now.  Seeing such an enthusiastic reaction to an instrumental track gives me utter confidence that people will legitimately freak out when they hear the jams- and trust me- there are hits for days on this double LP.  FOR DAYS.

  All my encounters with the traditional music industry take the same shape:  It's people telling me what I can't accomplish without their help.  Well, maybe I don't want what they have.  Me, I'll take real vinyl, real albums and real artists even if that is the difference between six figures vs. seven figures of income.

  Alex Dirty Beaches is a bright, shining example of how to do it the right way in the internet era:  Say no to the snake oil peddlers promising you things that you allegedly can't achieve on your own, lift up the people who backed you before everyone was on your jock, produce art that has personal significance and appeals to your existing audience without alienating people who haven't heard you yet and then go achieve all the things people told you you couldn't do without their help.

  Let me tell you something about Alex Dirty Beaches- he ain't getting rich, but he isn't starving.  In other words, he's making a living doing something he loves, and it doesn't involve putting out 7"s for Fortune 500 corporations because they cut your a paycheck.

  I have no compunction about pointing at Dirty Beaches and saying to young would-be Artists, "See, this is how you do it.  Just like this."  World, take note.

   Drifters/Love Is The Devil is coming out 5/21 on Zoo Music as a Double LP/Single CD.  It is certain to be regarded as a classic- I'm making that statement simply as a fan of the Artist.  

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