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Monday, November 12, 2012

Wednesday in San Diego: King Dude @ Soda Bar

King Dude.

Event Preview
King Dude
Wednesday Nov. 14th, Soda Bar San Diego, CA.

   There is nothing that draws my interest then a band I've never heard of then putting out a reviewed LP and touring the west coast in the same month.  You can bet that on a typical night in San Diego- where there are at least 20 different shows involving combinations of touring bands and local bands only a few are:

1)  Largely unknown. (less than half a million last fm plays.)
 2)  Have released a reviewed LP.
3)  Touring within a month of the release of that LP.

  I suppose it's a combination of novelty with an assurance that going to see this unknown band won't be a waste of time.

  So basically I decided to sign on for this show after I read the following paragraph in an otherwise mediocre Pitchfork review for King Dude's new LP, Burning Daylight:

Burning Daylight's pitch-black narratives, set in charred landscapes where God and the Devil wage a final battle for supremacy, are superficially presented as nightmares, with Cowgill singing in a low, sinister croak pitched at a subterranean frequency somewhere between Johnny Cash at half the RPMs and a root beer belch. But like all apocalypse porn, Burning Daylight is really a fantasy about a world without complications, where it's still possible to tell what is truly good and what is not. For all the spooky, disembodied white noise and echoing haunted-house vocals he lays on top of his songs, Cowgill is at heart a 1950s nostalgist, a sort of undead Chris Isaak with a weakness of sock-hop balladry.

   Sounds interesting enough to go.

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