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Friday, November 09, 2012

Show Review: METZ & mr. Gnome

Show Review
Mr. Gnome
Manuok (pronounced "Man U OK" not "Manuke") *
Eighteen Individual Eyes
Soda Bar San Diego, CA.

Manuok (Band)

* 2010 San Diego Music Award Nom for "Best Alternative" (SOUND DIEGO)
*SoundDiego Spotlight: Manuok (SoundDiego)

    I missed "Man-u-ok."

Mr. Gnome Rolling Stone Album Review

  mr. Gnome I think was the original headliner for this show but then METZ got added- they are not touring with METZ- it was just a cross-over date.  They are from Cleveland Ohio and boast a highly respectable 250k last fm plays.  They got the coveted "three and a half stars" review.  Rolling Stone!

  I'm a big fan of indie fans from Cleveland, OH. who self release multiple records and tour to the west coast and back.   That takes drive, determination & moxie. The Cleveland-Lorain-Elyria Market Statistical Area is the 23rd biggest in the US (San Diego is #14) and it occupies a critical location in between Chicago and New York City.  mr. Gnome plays as a two-piece with the drums/guitar combo that is well familiar to a generation of indie music fans. The difference between mr. Gnome and dozens of other guitar/drum two pieces is Ms. Barille- mr. Gnome ride or die on the basis of the Audience reaction to her voice and performance.   Last night their set was well appreciated by a crowd that seemed perhaps even familiar with their work.  With 250k last fm plays it wouldn't surprise me if they had some local fans in the 100+ crowd last night

Metz Band Live
     It's hard not to like Metz.  Watching Metz last night all I could think was that Metz was to the Refused what the Refused were to Nation Of Ulysses.  Nation Of Ulysses being the genetic progenitor of the spiky sound of post-Hardcore that is common to all three bands.  Metz definitely delivered the goods live, although the obviously lack the rabid local following of closer-to-home hardcore revivalists like Trash Talk.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that everyone who was there to see Metz last night came as a result of the Best New Music award.  Unfortunately I didn't see who came to see Man-u-Ok, but everyone who was there for  mr. Gnome stayed for Metz- about 100 people.  That's not bad for a band that no one had heard of two months ago.

   I would expect Metz to move up the music industry food chain, particularly because their style of music is so muscular and aggressive  it's sure to find an audience with people who listen to bands like TOOL and alt rock radio- which is a good escape route from the niche Hardcore/music derived from Hardcore audience.

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