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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Show Review: King Dude @ The Soda Bar in San Diego

TJ Cowgill of King Dude, as he appeared last night.

Show Review
King Dude
at the Soda Bar in San Diego, CA.

  King Dude got a very solid turn out at the Soda Bar last night.  100+?  Query as to whether the price point (7 USD) had a positive impact on turn out last night.  I frequently have conversations with friends about the wisdom of shows that are priced 12-15 USD.    If you are charging 12, you can pull 60 paid and clear 720 at the door, whereas you could draw 100 at 7 USD a ticket and actually make less.  However, the difference between a show that has 60 paid vs. 100 paid- can be the difference between everyone: band, audience, venue feeling like the night was a flop vs. the night being a success.

 Personally, I would say that for your average mid week indie rock show you are looking at potentially 50 more people for a show that is 7 USD vs. 12 USD.   When you are talking about a threshold for success that starts at 100 paid, that is potentially a huge difference.
TJ Cowgill of King Dude

  The other thing I was thinking about last night at the show was booze.  I think it was last week when I was perusing Pitchfork and saw a scotch ad that incongruously featured Best Coast (Bushmills?) and that had me thinking about how, in the same way that all of television is just window dressing for advertising, all of the indie music scene is essentially window dressing for the sale and consumption of alcohol.

  Last night I was actually excited about the prospect of a bourbon but the bartender served my order of "Makers, neat" in a shot glass, like an idiot.  Who drinks neat bourbon out a shot glass?  More importantly, what bartender serves that specific drink in a shot glass.  I've never seen it done.  I have been to multiple bourbon distillers in Kentucky however, and I know that if the bartender tried to serve someone in Kentucky a neat bourbon in a shot glass he get the dick slapped out of his mouth.   Small quibble at any rate- didn't impact my enjoyment of the night.

King Dude Band as they appeared last night in San Diego, CA.

  Live, King Dude performed as a three piece.  From the press photo I was expecting a Rick Rubin type appearance but instead it was more of a Johnny Cash thing- everyone dressed in matching black button down shirts, combed back hair and- and- an american flag that had been spray painted black hanging behind the band during the set.   The performance reminded me of lying somewhere between the Thermals and Crystal Stilts.  TJ Cowgill- King Dude's songwriter/singer/main man obviously knows how to write song, has obviously thought out the King Dude set and has a delivery that ranged from compelling to awkward- which is all to the good as far as I'm concerned.

  According to all press King Dude is actually a side project for Cowgill who also (fronts?) Teen Cthulhu and Book of Black Earth, but King Dude has already garnered more plays then the other two, earlier projects.  I think Cowgill is onto something here and he should probably stick with it for another album or two- I think everyone associated with King Dude should be stoked about the turn out they pulled on a Wednesday night in San Diego at the Soda Bar.

Here are some upcoming tour dates for King Dude- recommend checking out that First Unitarian Church gig in Philly if you are a local- Dirty Beaches played there last year and I heard it was a great venue.
12/07/12 Brooklyn, NY  Europa
12/08/12 Philadelphia, PA  First Unitarian Church
12/12/12 Chicago, IL  Empty Bottle
12/14/12 Oakland, CA  Uptown Nightclub
 12/15/12 Oakland, CA  Uptown Nightclub

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