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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saturday's PLATEAUS Record Release Show @ Soda Bar is Plan A-2!

Plateaus (BAND)

Event Preview
PLATEAUS (record release party)
San Diego Music Awards Multiple Nominee for Best Club DJ, Mario Orduno
at the Soda Bar in San Diego, CA on Saturday November 17th, 2012


Saturday, Nov. 17

PLAN A1: All My Friends Music Festival @ Casa de la Cultura (Tijuana). As I make clear in my guide on Page 28, it's well worth heading across the border for this epic, daylong fest. It's got an impressive lineup and is set to go late into the night.
 PLAN A2: Plateaus, Joy, DJ Mario Orduno @ Soda Bar. Read my feature on Plateaus, a local band that bangs out delightfully loud, totally chill garage-rock tunes.
Soda Bar, San Diego CA outside view looking down the street- photo credit NATALIE KARDOS

  Never in all my life have I heard of a Plan A1 AND a Plan A2- ever, but hey it's ok with me.  PLATEAUS also grabbed the "Weekly Event Preview" feature, and it is a very decent piece written by Peter Hoslin over there:

   If they resemble any style, though, it's that of local (or formerly local) bands like Wavves, Crocodiles and Mrs. Magician. Like them, Plateaus sing about everyday life with an irreverent, stone-y, occasionally sardonic twist: Over the jangly licks and ramshackle beat of "The District," the band pays tribute to the shiny-shirted denizens of the Gaslamp Quarter, whom Gist describes as "Downtown shitheads." (SAN DIEGO CITY BEAT)


   That is an album with high replayability levels AND something that fits in with a lot of music that is popular with discerning Audience members these days.  If you look at the top sellers over the last month at Revolver/Midheaven- you see that Plateaus fit right in with alot of those bands.

  Additionally, I've seen the opening band- JOY at last year's Desert Fest by the Moon Block Party group and they rocked- I actually bought their 7"- so it's worth it to see BOTH bands on Saturday night at the Soda Bar

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