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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pagan Gods: Minerva/Athena

   You've got to... know your Pagan gods.
Athena Goddess

    The description of Minerva or Athena emphasizes her talent with "crafts," generally meaning techniques that rquire a combination of experience and practical, strategic thinking....

Athena Zeus Birth

     Athena is born out of her father's head (Zeus) with a little help from Hephaestsus, who temporarily axed open the supreme god's skull.  Consequently, many myths dwell on Athena's oneness with her father.

Parthenon Athens, Athena temple Greece

     Visitors to the Parthenon, Athena's magnificent marble temple, can still get a sense among the ruins of how the goddess dominated the city named for her.

Minerva Goddess

    Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, was the daughter of Jupiter.  She was said to have leaped forth from his brain,, mature, and in complete armor.

    One benefit of using Pagan gods and goddesses as an artistic source of inspiration is that they have huge international appeal.


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