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Friday, November 23, 2012

Development of the Chola Empire in Southern India 900 AD - 1300 AD

Chola Empire Map: approx. 900 AD 1300 AD

   The [late first millennium AD] scene in the Indian peninsula was dominated by the Tamil identity, forged under the Cholas... The classicism of the Chola period drew less on political authority and more on the institutions established at this time, together with the articulation of cultural forms.  In many spheres of cultural life, whether of social institutions, religion, or the fine arts, the standards established during this period came to dominate the pattern of living in the south, and to partially influence the pattersn existing elsewhere in the peninsula.  There was also an active intervention in south-east Asia to a greater degree than before, in the commerce of the region and in its cultural forms.

Parantaka first empire of the Chola Empire

    The Cholas emerged as the dominant power in the south,  The core region of their control- Cholamandalam- was the area around Tanjavurup to the eatern coast, the Coromandal of later times.  Mention of Chola chiefdoms goes back to the turn of the Christian era in the Shangam poems.  Towards the middle of the ninth century, a chief claiming Cholla ancestry conquered the region of Tanjavur, the heart of Tamilaham.  In 907 AD the first important ruler of the Chola dynasty, Parantaka I, came to power and ruled for almost half a century.

Rajendra Chola: Clearly a huge pimp if this movie still is accurate.

  Chola power was firmly established with the acession of Rajaraja (985-1014) and his son and successor, Rajendra, which allowed about half a century for the Chola kingdom to be consolidated and stabilized.  The reigns of both father and son were filled with extensive campaigns in almost every direction.

Aziz Ansari was born in the U.S but his parents are Tamils from the Tamil Nadu.

  Chola power weakened in the thirteenth century.  In the south, the Pandyas had superseded the Cholas as the dominant power in the Tamil country.

M.I.A's famil is from Sri Lanka where they were part of the Tamil minority- the ethnic majority in Sri Linka is the Sinhalese.   Historically, the Tamils would have been colonial invaders similar to the role Rome played in the history of Northern Europe.


Adam Calhoun said...

I've actually just been trying to find more about the history of the chola/etc. Do you have any book recommendations?

Anonymous said...

You didn't have to insult Emperor Rajendra Chola by showing in his place a photo of a comedy actor from the fictional movie Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi. The actor's character had absolutely nothing to do with the Chola Empire.

Anonymous said...

Still Chola are alive OK , dnt Insult Emperor Rajendra Chola ,
By putting irrelevant Photos and captions...

Surya Sanjay Suriyavanshi

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