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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Show Review: Crocodiles, Beaters & Plateaus

Show Review
@ The Casbah

   Nothing can conjure up the specter of a life wasted in local music like an empty Tuesday night show at the Casbah, and I was relieved to see a hearty (for a Tuesday night show at the Casbah) "friends & family" type crowd for this homecoming show.  Out of all the rock bands that emerged from the local San Diego music scene to national music  scene in the 2006-2010 period: Augustana, Soft Pack, Wavves, Delta Spirit, Dum Dum Girls- the Crocodiles remain the band most firmly identified with San Diego.  And yet the Crocodiles/San Diego relationship has always been a cool embrace.

   It is an irony of Crocodiles existence that if you give each market equal value, their biggest Audience would be in France.    For that to be literally true goes a long way to explaining why Crocodiles were never wholly embraced by the 'local music' scene in San Diego- for better or for worse.  At the same time, it conclusively demonstrates that Crocodiles have the potential to be a legitimate international rock band- many American rock bands who are far higher on the rungs of the domestic table for indie rock bands have a limited presence in the UK & EU.

  At the same time, their "domestic momentum" can best be expressed by the respectable but not bonkers crowds that I saw at all three shows I attended: the Audience exists, but it needs to grow to be viable at the level Crocodiles want it to be.

  Plateaus opened the show and provided a meaningful narrative in their own right.  You can look at the individual factors which constitute their present momentum and connect the dots to a point where a portrait of  a viable, touring rock band exists.  They have their first LP coming out at the end of the month- hovering in the lower reaches of the Revolver weekly top seller chart. Recently returned from a successful national tour with Colleen Green.  Excellent live show.

   If I was Plateaus I would fully take advantage of the relative absence of national touring bands in California in December/January/February and expand the number of markets where they've played live.  There are so many secondary/smaller markets in California where even a casual bar audience would appreciate Plateaus sound- it just seems like a slam dunk, and a great way to keep momentum moving forward.

   Another thing Plateaus can do is write the songs for the next record and record or demo those songs.  They shouldn't wait to see how the release does before starting work on their second record- it's just wasted time- like a batter watching the ball after it's been hit- just run.

   Beaters- what can you say about Beaters?  Local legends. 

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