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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Album Review: Cold Showers - Love & Regret

Cold Showers

Album Review
Cold Showers
Love & Regret
Dais Records

   This is a record of tight, sinewy goth-pop that is equally suited to a race through the desert in the middle of the night or a contemplative evening with the turntable in one's private sanctum. The title of the debut LP from Los Angeles' Cold Showers is Love & Regret, and that is a fair description of the theme of the content, but you also get Bauhaus style throbbing bass, warm synths and droll crooning by Jonathan Weinberger- the songwriter/main man of the band.

  To me, there is nothing that determines the replay value of a specific album by a rock band then the opening  three tracks, in the case of Love & Regret, Cold Showers gets an "A+": starting with the shadowy, 5:22 epic Alright, you immediately segue into their certified hit- I Don't Mind.  The third song, Violent Cries, evokes similar tones along the goth-pop continuum and pairs that pungent formula with lyrics that mirror the title/theme of the record.

  Not that the only good songs are the first three- the fourth song, So I Can Grow is the most explicit elaboration of the album themes.  The back half of the record continues the winning streak started by Side A (songs 1-4, presumably)

  I highly recommend this record to my readers, or anyone stumbling across this review while looking for reviews of the new Cold Showers LP, Love & Regret.  You will find yourself listening to Love & Regret on multiple occasions- count on it.

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