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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Show Review: DIIV & Mad Kiwi

Show Review
Mad Kiwi
@ The Casbah

    After reading the Pitchfork review giving the new Oshin, the new DIIV LP on Captured Tracks, a laudatory review,  I wanted to know if they would be good live.  I suspected the answer to that question was "Yes, they are good live." Because Beach Fossils, since Zachary Cole Smith, the main man in DIIV is the "touring guitarist" for Beach Fossils, and presumably he understands the nature of their notable success as recording/touring musicians.

  I had the distinct impression that DIIV was just passing through, and would be onto a venue like the House of Blues, either as a touring or headlining act, next time through.  Also, the IRENIC would make sense, just as it made sense for the recent Beach Fossils show.   The nature of the success of both Beach Fossils and DIIV stems from a combination of well written songs, better then average musicianship and waaaayyy better then usual stagecraft.  

 When I say "stagecraft" I mean the ability of an Artist to engage the Audience with movement and interaction with fellow Artists.  I think there are certain elements of the Audience for indie rock bands that frowns upon excessive movement and stagecraft, but not the Audience that showed up last night.  Forgive me for saying this, but I haven't seen such a solid Tuesday night crowd at the Casbah since Pains of Being Pure At Heart played there in 2009.  Then again, I don't get out much.

  I'm frankly inclined to regard DIIV more as hard eyed professional musicians then dewy faced NYC DIY heroes, but then, Captured Tracks- the label releasing Oshin- gives them that credibility.  They are also going to sell a ton of music for Captured Tracks.  You would expect that anyone called a "touring guitarist" would want to concentrate on their main project, but he can probably swap between the two projects if he's smart, and he seems pretty smart.- I'm talking about Zachary Smith- or maybe just quit Beach Fossils.

  Local openers Mad Kiwi is Brian from Christmas Island and two of the Plateaus. It sounded pretty good.  I think they had a pretty decent Audience of their own. I hear there are recordings, but I haven't heard them.

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