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Monday, August 06, 2012

A Brief Word in Support of Ela Orleans

Ela Orleans

 The Ela Orleans cut on the new 4-way split LP The Statement on Clan Destine records, is a hit!  It sounds like the song is built on a Steve Reich sample, always a solid reference point when used judiciously, but The Season is a genuine hit that creates musical magic in excess of the context in which the song occurs.

Here is the last fm biography:

Ela Orleans is a Polish musician, who lives and works in New York. She was in a few experimental / noise projects based in NYC such as: 3i’s (with Marc Orleans and Pete Nolan), Ozone Swimmers (with Marc Orleans), Franklin’s Mint (with Phil Franklin). She played with Jackie O Motherfucker, Kevin Shea, Wende K. Blass and Scarcity of Tanks. She collaborate since 2008 with skitter (glasgow) for some experimental project. She is also a member of Hassle Hound. The band has releases on Staubgold, Pickled Egg, Twisted Nerve and Textile Records, High Moon, Low Sun (first solo album) on Setola di Maiale (Italy) 2008.

   She's got some dates next week in and around Paris, including the Route du Rock.  At 51k last fm plays, she is poised for a break through but not there yet. She is ready for the full LP treatment, and has the Audience to support such a release.

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