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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Bleached/DIIV Show Tonight

  Bands on the cusp of viability/success make a common mistake in that they don't understand the difference between BEING a professional and SUCCEEDING as a professional in a given field of endeavor.

 This is a mis-understanding that is exploited by the music-industrial complex, particularly the kind of managers that will work with a not-yet-viable Artist.

  Being a professional musician i.e. who writes, records, releases and tours is something that is possible for anyone to obtain without any help from the music-industrial complex.

  SUCCEEDING as a professional musician i.e. one who makes enough to establish a middle class existence by doing things like owning a home, having bank accounts with money in them, etc, may require more help, but there is nothing wrong with there being a gap between the two events.

 For example, as a lawyer, I spent three years in school PAYING to become a professional lawyer, and then  I had several years with a minimal income.

 The classic "nightmare" major label scenario for an indie musician is some event that PREVENTS the first step from happening in order to further the second step- that of financial success vs. just being a professional musician.

  To give a concrete example, I'm talking about a band that gets signed out of the garage by a label and then sits around in said garage for 24 months while the label puts out the record that they got signed to release.

   DIIV and Bleached play the Casbah tonight.

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