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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FRI IN SD: Dream Night: Divers///Chasms @ Whistle Stop

CHASMS when it comes DREAM 001 Mastered by Pete Lyman

Event Preview

Dream Nite featuring
w/ 2 Time Nominated "Best Club DJ" Mario Orduno
Friday June 22nd, 2012
@ The Whistlestop in North Park, San Diego

     A couple of weeks ago there was this concert with Vatican Shadow and Demdike Stare in Los Angeles, CA and it looked cool and I was like "aww" because I am totally not on top of it. Kind of the same way I totally missed on Wavves and was like, unaware of the phenomenon until I saw them play in LOS ANGELES. At the ECHO.

    On the other hand I did make it to the Art Fag Recordings sponsored Puro Instinct/Pearl Harbor and Best Coast show that happened in 2009.  That was fucking magical. And to think that rubes are going to pay a MILLION DOLLARS to see Best Coast this summer @ The so-called 94/9 Independence Jam.  Independent of what exactly- the whims of an insurance company from Ohio?  No. Certainly not independent of the whims of an insurance company from Ohio.   The gall of them replacing Garrett Michaels like they did!  It fires the blood and illustrates how corporations do business.

    Here's the difference between seeing Best Coast perform in front of 50 people in 2009 and being one of 10,000 people to see them in 2012.  It's the difference between an "independent" and "corporate" audience for popular music.

    Part of doing this blog is making myself "catch up" on trends like the one encompassed by whatever Dream Nite represents. I don't know what that is, other then being 'independent'  I'm certainly not involved with it, so I don't have any special insights. I suppose I'll leave that task for the Peter Hoslins of the world- God bless him. 

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