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Monday, May 21, 2012

Show Review: Beach Fossils, Catwalk, Mini Death

Mini Death
@ The Irenic in North Park, San Diego, CA.

  Only a couple things I wanted to mention about this show.  First, it was crowded with people.  Not sold out crowded, but viable-alternative-to-SOMA crowded, especially since the average age of the Audience members appeared to be less then 21.

   Second, the IRENIC is a viable alternative to SOMA for All Ages shows in San Diego, CA.  The capacity is allegedly 700, but I would feel safer with 500 people.  IRENIC is at 3090 Polk Ave, on the edge of North Park.  It's a neat little trick that the IRENIC is pulling, hosting professional level shows in a Church in North Park. Man, more power to them, that's what I say.  The show had the familiar neighborhood 11 PM curfew, but for this show it didn't much matter. 

 Third, Beach Fossils has a last fm play count in the 3 millions, and it showed in the number and type of people in the Audience last night.  Listening to Beach Fossils, you'd have to be dense not to understand the appeal of Beach Fossils to their Audience.  Their trad indie style is a potent force among people who see Broken Social Scene as a legacy act. 

  Catwalk opened and they also successfully connected with the Audience of "entry level alts" who literally bopped and swayed during Catwalks persuasive set.  Watching both Beach Fossils and Catwalk I was shaking my head at Captured Tracks honcho Mike Sniper's band picking ability.  How does he do it?  If you put Craft Spells in the same basket with Beach Fossils and Catwalk you have a potent triple threat of bands working the trad indie space.  Importantly, all three of these bands connect with their Audience live and on record.  That is a potent one-two punch.

   I would def. recommend IRENIC for a band looking to play a 500+ all ages venue in San Diego.

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glad it went well!

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