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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heavy Hawaii 2012 West Coast Tour Dates Announced

Heavy Hawaii

Check out the tour commercial Heavy Hawaii just sent over announcing their upcoming summer tour. New LP coming this year. 

06 21 Costa Mesa, CA - The Avalon 
06 24 Portland, OR - Ella St.
06 25 Seattle, WA - The Funny Button
06 27 San Francisco, CA - Secret Spot 
06 28 Sacramento, CA - Luigi's 
06 29 Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up w/ The Soft Pack 
06 30 Los Angeles, CA - Origami Vinyl in store 7pm 
06 30 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell

         Thank you to Grizzly for helping make this video and tour happen.  (1) New Heavy Hawaii 7" for sale now over at Art Fag Recordings.  Heavy Hawaii, poised for a break through at 41,000 last fm plays.  By comparison I would use an Artist like Colleen Green, who was sitting at something like 45,000 plays in mid February of this year.  She put out Milo Goes to Compton LP on Art Fag Recordings in February and three months later she's at 80,000 last fm plays. We are talking about an Artist who has been in existence for several years now, like Heavy Hawaii.   You don't have to say anything about the importance of that increase other then to note the size of it.

        That could easily happen for Heavy Hawaii. That Smell show is important. I think a larger Audience is receptive to picking up Heavy Hawaii, they just don't know it quite yet. 


(1) Language from Art Fag

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