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Friday, March 30, 2012

Show Review: White Shit, Secret Fun Club, Metallagher

What is Metallagher?

White Shit 
Secret Fun Club
@ Soda Bar in San Diego, CA.

  You can't go to college in Washington DC and not learn a leetle bit about the history of Hardcore. Hardcore is a genre of music that evolved directly out of the punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s, though it attracted  Audience members outside of the punk audience- fans of heavy metal and "hard" rock music.

  The fairly unrefined combination of punk and metal represented in the initial group of Hardcore bands gave way to a second generation of hardcore bands that took hardcore away from the original stylistic and cultural roots and replaced the punk/metal style with iterations like hardcore/jazz or hardcore/irony laden political ideology.

  As one of the earlier, more well developed scenes of the American underground in the 80s and 90s, Hardcore has exercised a greater-then-expected impact on the indie music scene today- whether it be through documentary films, or the experiences of musicians and audience members.

  The Soda Bar was well attended last night.

    I got there in time to see local openers Secret Fun Club.  Secret Fun Club is a two-piece.  They have a record out on 31G records.  They play a style of music I would frankly described as "jazz influenced post hard core."  It reminded me of other Jazz influenced post-hardcore acts like Lungfish, the difference being the showy and ostentatious drum playing in Secret Fun Club.

  Based on their 31G bio it looks like this band is a part-time thing, but it's def. something that local fans of jazzy post hard core should check out, especially since they have a vinyl LP out on a local label.

 Support for Metallagher was WHITE SHIT, which is kind of post-hardcore Supergroup, with members of Monorchild and Skull Kontrol (Andy Coronado), Big Business and Karp.    I guess Big Business and Karp are more proto-Grunge or Pacific Northwest Sludge Rock rather then Hardcore or Post-Hardcore, but the style of WHITE SHIT is kind of hardcore revival with an element of humor brought to the table by the singer.

  The instrumentation in White Shit is impressive, with the four piece bands running through hardcore tropes like they had a book of every hardcore riff invented in their Ipod.  The singer worked the floor, doing bits of stand up like material in between songs and projecting a quasi-dangerous persona.  Like a Marachi El Bronx or Fucked Up, White Shit uses a hardcore background to provide a thematic variation on the genre.

  Anyone familiar with the Hardcore/post-Hardcore/Grunge musical tradition would have to be impressed with the personnel in WHITE SHIT.  In a world where the singer of Fucked Up can become a globe trotting world celebrity, who is to say what can or can't be accomplished by a Hardcore or post-Hardcore band.  They are probably only a keyboard player away from an 8.1 review on Pitchfork.


  IT WAS GOOD TO SEE PETER GRAVES.  We talked about SXSW a little. Sounded fun.

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