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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Museum Review: Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, 1945 - 1982

Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, 1945 - 1982
Palm Springs Art Museum
Palm Springs, CA.
Part of the Pacific Standard Time Series of Exhibitions
Runs until May 27th, 2012

  It's no secret that my record label involvement is generally inspired by my love for Museums and their conventions rather then a love for Record Labels and their conventions.  To be sure the verb "to curate" is used and abused in indie rock circles, but "to curate" is still a classier verb then other ways to express the same concept.

  You could say I have a curatorial attitude towards record labels since I care deeply about the Aesthetics of the releases I'm involved with, and since I don't care whether a profit is derived, only that those whose work is essential to the "exhibition" be taken care of.

   The Backyard Oasis exhibition is running at the Palm Springs Art Museum until May 27th 2012- as part of the Getty sponsored pan-Southern California Pacific Standard Time series of exhibitions exploring Art in Southern California during the 20th century.  Backyard Oasis stood out for two reasons, first, the subject matter is interesting, second the exhibit was mounted in Palm Springs,CA and I spend a good deal of time in that city.

   The photographs span the gamut from soft core gay porn of the 50s (embodied by "Physique" style shots of beefcake by the pool) to the skating culture of the 70s-80s (photographs of the Dogtown crew skating empty pools) to high artists musing other pools as their muse- David Hockney is well represented- to an anonymous slide show of pool based photography from non-artists.

 Certainly worth a look if you are in Palm Springs for the next three months.  The second Sunday of each month is free.

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