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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


   Strange Heaven, LP1 by San Diego's own MRS MAGICIAN (SWAMI RECORDS) is out TODAY, digitally, and available on Amazon etc.

   I am a huge, huge, huge fan of putting out a record digitally and then waiting for the physical to arrive.  First, it gives you multiple dates for a writer to focus on.  Second, and this is especially true for a new Artist (less then 50k plays on last fm at time of album release) it allows the record to exist in space and time for a while before confronting prospective buyers with a buying choice.   Mrs. Magician, launching an LP from 7000 plays on last fm, has a long way to climb in that regard, so the record should be out there even if people can't buy the Vinyl or CD yet.

  The physical versions have reached the lower part of the Revolver/Midheaven weekly chart, which is impressive considering the existing Audience.  It probably bodes well, as does the current tour with Cults.   To have any chance of picking up fans from a tour like Cults, people will need to be able and get the music at their house for free if possible.

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lyn said...

big hassle is working their pub, that itself is an endorsement in my book. i'm definitely going to take a listen before checking them at the cults show.

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