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Monday, March 26, 2012


A Modest Proposal
by Jonathan Swift
Originally Published 1729
Project Gutenberg Edition #1080
Published 2008
Read on Ipad Ebooks

  Man I tell you the Ipad/Ebooks combo is DELIVERING LIKE FED EX on volume of books.  A Modest Proposal is a super duper cheap entry onto the 1001 Books list- only 13 pages front-to-back it is not a novel at all, nor a book, but more like a pamphlet. Why not include Thomas Paine's Common Sense while you are at it?   Swift was part of the early to mid 18th century circle that included Alexander Pope- they were part of the same club.

 Swift was a consummate literary outsider- from Ireland of all places- he spent most of his time skulking around London trying to get a good gig in the Church.  A Modest Proposal in an early example of 18th century Satire- with the Author "suggesting" that England solve it's Irish poverty problems by eating Irish children.  In the sense that it is drawing attention to a social problem, A Modest Proposal prefigures the 19th century novel of social concern, but it itself is not a novel of social concern.

 Still funny though.  13 pages long. Takes about 10 minutes to read- so short you could read it online in ten minutes.

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