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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Colleen Green In-Store Performance
performing songs from her Milo Goes To Compton LP and Cujo EP on Art Fag Recordings, as well as other material.
San Diego, CA.
April 7th, 2012
M-Theory Records
in Mission Hills San Diego, CA.

     Just so it's clear, the Colleen Green Milo Goes To Compton LP is a modest hit.  I'm not saying Colleen Green is going to be designing a casual clothing line for Urban Outfitters or buying a house in Hollywood Avril Lavigne style anytime in the immediate future, BUT- she's got an Audience for her current records, and she's got a record coming out on Hardly Art and I personally guarantee that she will have an Audience for her music for years to come.   More importantly, she will have people who want to put out her records knocking on her door for a decade or more based on what is already out.  Anything I say here is simply in support of the established fact that Colleen Green is a viable Artist with a substantial existing Audience.

  A point I wanted to make about Colleen Green is that part of her appeal- a large part in my mind- is her fragility.  The combination of that kind of fragility with the immediate access that an Artist can provide via social network platforms like Twitter and Facebook is an intoxicating DIY brew that can easily be attached to good songs to create actual Artistic careers, and Colleen Green is a good example of this artistic  phenomenon.

  I feel like people don't get the fragility part of the appeal.  And watch out for the release of the Hardly Art LP- that's a record that will essentially be picked up by Sub Pop either officially or unofficially depending on how clued in they are to Colleen Green's amazing-ness.

  And seriously- if you are someone who has listened to Milo Goes To Compton on Spotify or whatever- and you didn't like it?  Stop reading my blog.  Never come back.  You have terrible taste in music, whoever you are.
 Seeing Colleen Green at M Theory this April is the equivalent of seeing Daniel Johnston in his tape days in Austin in the late 80s.  Colleen Green is already an authentic DIY legend, and she deserves more respect for her artistic achievement.  And she has hits for days.  FOR DAYS.

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