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Friday, February 10, 2012


Friday, February 10th, 2012


  DUNES is another band on the "put out records on both Art Fag Recordings & Mexican Summer" short-list.  Art Fag Recordings put out a 7" and Mexican Summer put out a 12".  It is tough for bands to spread out their pre-LP output between different labels.  The pre LP1 physical out-put for a band in 2012 should be something like:

tape (optional)  - any time
tape (optional)  - any time
7"   -  month one
7"   -  month four
7"   - month 6-8
12" EP - month 12
LP1 - month 18
LP1 promotional cycle -  month 18 to month 30- 42, depending on success of LP1.

  You look at a band like DUNES- a respectable but not exhilarating 32k last fm plays, and 2 7"s and 1 12" EP spread out over a couple of years, you've got a band that is ready for an LP.  For me, DUNES will always remind me of their July 2010 interview for LA RECORD, with the immortal pull quote:

The whole seeing things through your music is really cool but I don’t want to create some- thing that’s for sale. It’s better thinking of it as something for fun than for sale. I feel this.

    Abe Vigoda is a band with a solid catalog and 1.5 million last fm plays in the can- with a sound that has matured beyond their early "tropical punk" days while simultaneously inspiring a legion of would-be imitators who haven't been able to pull it off.   Juan Vigoda has emerged as an almost independent indielebrity, but it's been almost a year and a half since Crush was released on the combo of PPM/Bella Union.   Did you know that Crush got a 7.8 but was still ranked the #40 album of the year by Pitchfork in 2010?

     It's funny. because Crush came out the same week as the Crocodiles 2nd LP, Sleep Forever, and I've just heard about what has gone into the next Crocodiles record- and I wonder if the experience for Abe Vigoda has been, similar, different, etc.  I note that once you take into consideration the relative amount of output for each  act, they are roughly equivalent in Audience size.  The fact is, if you're an Artist, and you can clock an average of 500k last fm lps for an indie lp release, you are generating enough money for SOMEONE to live off of- maybe not the Artist, because a Record Label is lightly to get the initial fruits of that release.   Once you reach an initial threshold by putting out a first LP (or second) that raises your Audience beyond a certain size, you can obtain a momentum, which will continue provided you either a) release new materials consistently or b) tour consistently or both.

  Before you've reached the threshold Audience size, it really doesn't matter who you are or what your do or where you do it- you just need to put together an LP and get people to listen to it.  After an individual reaches that initial point where momentum is generated, things like "Which record label is putting out the next record?" "Who is handling my booking in the us and Europe?" and "Do I have a manager?" become significant considerations, in that those are the ways to maintain and increase your momentum.

  All the rest of what people generally think about in regards the development and maintenance of Artistic careers can simply be thought of as either establishing initial momentum of increasing audience size, maintaining that momentum or increasing/decreasing it- I'm talking about press, album sales, touring, etc.

  Neverever (35k lastfm plays) is this:

Jihae and Wallace Meek are a couple with a keen ear for POP who’ve travelled the world together in search of the perfect tune. Having met in Glasgow while Ms. Meek was the singer for pop phenoms The Royal We and Mr. Meek helmed the excellent Bricolage, they eventually relocated to LA to soak in the sunny vibes and pop history. Neverever is their new band, a tough group with a flair for echoey three minute symphonies, marrying classic pop melodies with punk-informed crunch and glam-infused 70s stomp. (LAST FM)
  They put out an LP on Slumberland Records in 2010.  They have a blank Pitchfork search return- how is that possible?  I feel like Pitchfork ignores LA based bands that would be established indie level acts if they lived in Brooklyn or Chicago.

  My thought about DUNES is that one or more of the members is trying to make it through school, and the first LP won't come out till after that happens, and that when the LP comes out they will make a push and tour etc, and it just might work.  For Abe Vigoda my only question is "When does the next record come out?"

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