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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Soda Bar, San Diego, CA.

  Last time I went to show was in October of last year, so you can call me "gramps."  Despite my time away, I was pleased to see that nothing has changed since last I checked.  Soda Bar still has those amazing televisions that show a feed of the performer on stage- what a great feature- the old 930 Club in Washington DC used to have those so you could sit in the back room and watch the band play.

  I got there earlyish specifically to see DIVERS and QUITE ENJOYED IT.  But I think I have a conflict of interest because I'm aware of some planning regarding the release of recordings by that Artist- so I figure I should keep my mouth shut- but promising.

  BLOUSE put out a 7" on Sub Pop and THEN an LP on Captured Tracks, which would seem to invert the usual direction of that situation.  BLOUSE is a Portland Ore by-way-of-LA four piece, female fronted gothy pop with a synth/bass interplay that reminds the listener of mid period Cure radio hits.  Putatively the opener for Tearist, you could argue that they were the co-headliner, as the crowd was heavy for their set, and they inspired fan style antics from the front row (observed via the Soda Bar stage feed.

  I'm curious to hear how it came to pass that Sub Pop released a 7" and then Captured Tracks got the subsequent LP- maybe the LP was planned before the 7" and the next LP is on Sub Pop?  Wouldn't surprise me- assuming they keep a steady tour schedule that have viability tattooed on their arms.

   Headliner Tearist first came to my attention last April when I was in Los Angeles for his sold-out show at the Echo.  I was sitting there and I saw a copy of the LA Weekly- it had Tearist on the cover.  Ever since then I've called Tearist the Nickie Minaj of the LA indie scene- although only to myself, obviously- until just now.

   Tearist is a two piece- guy running the keyboard array and female singer vamping/singing/howling.  You would have to be pretty damn dense not to realize that the female singer/guy on keyboards two piece is ripe for a break out act- and may even have one in GRIMES or Nite Jewel by mid 2012.  There's also Maria Minerva, US GIRLS,  Class Actress I think- I haven't heard.  But my sense is that one or two of those Artists will actually really emerge when they combine a breakout hit with a committed touring schedule- and so far none of those Artists have done that.

   Speaking as someone who's seen GRIMES and Nite Jewel in the last six months, TEARIST has an advantage in the area of live performance, in that she performs and doesn't just stand there.  There are also more vocal effects- which could either be a positive or negative in terms of Audience reaction.  Tearist has also developed legitimate street level buzz in Los Angeles- I see both Nite Jewel and Grimes as being national, rather then local phenomenon's.

  Personally though, I preferred the gothy bottom heavy pop of BLOUSE, but I can totally understand why people are excited about Tearist.  It's a good live show- check it out if you get a chance.  By the BLOUSE lp on Captured Tracks, will you- It got a 7.4 on Pitchfork- that's high enough to warrant purchase.


Big Crashing Beat said...

Enjoyed Blouse too. My thoughts and recordings are here:

catdirt said...

You are wrong about DIVERS. Her songs have power.

Big Crashing Beat said...

I know the singer is really talented, I just need a bit more oomph when I am out. I can certainly forsee their recorded material being something I would like.

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