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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Punks On Mars Is A Hot New Band

  Perhaps I'm not the most appropriate person to say that Punks On Mars is a hot new band, since I am a partner in the record label that put out his new record.  But the way I look at it, the worst that could happen is some other record label would get all excited and offer him a record deal- and I'm sure the Artist- Ryan Howe, for Punks On Mars would be stoked if that happened, so I figure...why not.

  When Punks On mars was brought to my attention last year by my partners, what struck me immediately was the scope of vision.  So much of what I am asked to listen to is the musical equivalent of a pack mule with blinders on its eyes.   You would think, given the advances in recording technology, that indie music, encumbered by market constraints, would be breathtaking in variety, but sadly this is not the case.

  The next thing I learned is that Ryan Howe, the main man in Punks On Mars, had a history of releasing music, and that he had done it in a typical DIY fashion.

  Third, I heard the songs that comprised the release that I was helping to put out.  Like other bands that I've had the opportunity to observe at this stage in their career (Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, Soft Pack/Muslims, Woven Bones, Reading Rainbow and of course Dirty Beaches) the recordings possessed a combination of songwriting ability with a sound that takes advantage of constraints in recording technology.   This is a combination that is visible in other phenomenons in popular music history, going back to the book in Post World War II American Independent Record labels brought about by the dissemination of recording technology outside of New York City.

  So at that point- there was only one question on my mind.  Can Punks On Mars deliver live?  Answer yes, as witnessed in this video:

  Je-sus- that is incredible footage.  There is no question that he is going to go SXSW- that he will blow everyone away, and everyone will fall into line after that, and it will all go from there.  That is music with sparkle.  That clip is from Newtown Radio, BTW.

PUNKS ON MARS LAST FM: 4000 plays.
LUKE PERRY LAST FM:  5600 plays

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Anonymous said...

what happened to woven bones? last time i saw them they junked the three man band for a traditional two guitars/bass/regular drums and they sucked. their twitter and facebook is not active or updated. shame. great band.

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