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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


DIRTY BEACHES 2012 EUROPEAN UNION TOUR DATES  (dates are backwards to Americans- that's how they do it in EU)

4/2  One in a Million Festvial - Baden, Switzerland
7/2  CISIM - Ravenna, Italy
8/2   Astoria - Turin, Italy
9/2   Traffic Club - Rome, Italy
12/2  Festivel Antigel - Geneva, Switzerland
15/2  La Lune Des Pirates- Amiens, France
16/2  La Condition Publique - Lille, France
17/2 La Temps Machine - Tours, France
18/2  Rockstore - Montpellier, France
19/2  La Maroquinerie - Paris, France
20/2   La Java Des Paluches - La Rochelle, France
23/2  Vera - Gronigen, Netherlands
26/2  Indra- Hamburg, Germany
28/2  Stengade - Kopenhagen, Denmark
25/2   Kater Holzig - Koln, Germany
26/2   Indra - Hamburg, Germany
29/2   Debaser Malmo - Malmo, Sweden
1/3     Bergen Kunsthall - Bergen, Norway
2/3      Revolver - Oslo, Norway
3/3     Debaser Slussen -  Stockholm, Sweden
7/3     WORM - Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Two things about this tour- first- Elastic Artists- Dirty Beaches EU/UK booker- delivers the goods.  Second thing- Dirty Beaches actually has an active press/pr presence in almost every single one of these territories- not just France, Italy & Germany, but also Switzerland- where his set will be broadcast live on the NPR equivalent, and Belgium- where Badlands is being reviewed like a new release in the relevant periodicals.

  That's almost a full year after Badlands release and the lesson I've learned is you don't give up on a hit release just because it's nearing the end of it's original press cycle (one year)

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