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Monday, December 12, 2011

Visit to Revolver/Midheaven Warehouse in San Francisco

      The Revolver/Midheaven Warehouse in San Francisco is pretty much the coolest place in the world, from my perspective.  Just imagine the coolest record store in the world, but it's not a record store- rather a place where records come from.   The ability of Revolver/Midheaven to not only persist but prosper on a modest scale is a testament to the good that capitalism can create.  Reviolver/Midheaven is also validation that Art and Commerce can co-exist in equipoise.

     If I could, I would bring my Artist friends here and say, "See? This is what's real: Not major labels, band managers who make big promises, publishing companies with advances that never recoup.  If you want to come and see how you make a career as an Artist in the Music Business without being a complete and total asshole, come here and sit on the shipping floor for a week...and see.  You need this place, as much as this place needs your Records."

  I would argue that the Revolver/Midheaven Warehouse in San Francisco is a sacred space in the cosmos of DIY.  I would add it to other verified sacred DIY institutions/ritual locations on the West Coast like:    

     Che Cafe in San Diego, CA.
     The Smell in Los Angeles, CA.
     The headquarters for Maximum Rock n' Roll in San Francisco, CA
     924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA.
  I won't post pictures or the address because I kind of feel like Revolver/Midheaven wants to operate in silence- and I respect that.  Revolver/Midheaven is the indie music business equivalent of the Irish Monasteries that waited out the Dark Ages in Europe.  So much knowledge has been lost, and I'm like an acolyte living in a nearby settlement... Revolver is the remote monastery, filled with illuminated manuscript, keeping the flickering light of knowledge alive in the surrounding darkness.

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