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Thursday, November 10, 2011

America's Cup Books Diplo, Soft Pack for non-ironic "YACHT ROCK" Jams

  This is like someone at America's Cup heard his college age kid mention during summer vacation and they called Tim Mays and they're like, "Hey let's put together some yacht rock for America's Cup." And Tim Mays is like, on the other end of this conference call with five corporate douche bags, and he's thinking, "Are they fucking kidding?" So he laughs and goes, "Yacht rock- you bet."

  BUT WHAT DO THEY GOT?  First, of all it's at the Broadway Pier  between November 12th and 20th.  You know what I like about the Broadway Pier?  How they like to do marching bands and fireworks- NAVY BOOKING AGENT!  You talk to the people who book the Broadway Pier and they're like, "So where to the choreographed JETS come into play?"

  Second of all they have DJ Halloran working the whole event.  BAM.  They have a battle of the bands. BOOM.  Next thursday, November 17th,  they have the Donkeys,  Little Hurricane and my boys in The Silent Comedy.  Booked by the Casbah/Tim Mays.

   Friday, November 18th you've got Soft Pack and Chromeo DJ's.  Question- who is putting out the next Soft Pack record and when is it coming out?  Saturday, November 19th it's Chain Gang of 1974 and Diplo.  I like Diplo is unafraid to headline a fucking Yacht race.  He's a god d*** inspiration to us all.  Do you think he ever hangs out with DJ Shadow?

  This area where they are having the bands is called the "fan zone."  Are you fucking kidding me?  A fan zone for yachting? "I say Percival, after we got to the America's Cup Fan Zone remind me to stop off at the Monocle shop on the way home so I can check on the progress of my diamond rimmed Versace.   monocle."

  Cravats. Jodhpurs. Turbans.  You know, YACHTING fans.  It's like a gathering of the Juggalos for rich dudes.  Man do I want to see Soft Pack play a Yacht race. Oh man.  I'm kind of bummed they didn't get YACHT or TENNIS.

  You might want to just check out the America's Cup Website for the 411.


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