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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

alex dirty beaches in gq- full page

          This opportunity was developed by Jeff Anderson at Solid Gold Public Relations- now opening an office in New York City.  Dirty Beaches- GQ- tuxedo- from the December issue.
           Jeff Anderson...delivered the goods with the Dirty Beaches Badlands campaign.  Personally, I wanted to hire him for that job because of his work on Best Coast, and for him to turn around and work Best Coast in 2010 and Dirty Beaches in 2011- whatever one's personal preference about either act- the results? Undeniable.
          Alex was essentially an unknown outside of the noise tape underground as of 12/31/10 and within the year- WITHIN THE YEAR- he's doing national print media.  Of course, it's all credit to the artist, but you can't accomplish it, not really, without PR.

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