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Monday, August 01, 2011


   I like Fresh & Only's for the following reasons:

  1.  Pre-existing personal/ex friendship with the lead singer from fondly remembered salad days.
  2.  Fresh & Only's are an indie band with true D.I.Y. values- not a lazy bunch of college kids who want to get rich and famous over night.
  3.  Prolific in terms of both recorded output and touring, means there is a greater chance they will be around for longer then six months and one record.

   This band is playing at the Casbah tonight as part of Tim Pyles well-known San Diego weekly, The Anti-Monday League.  The Anti-Monday Leagues was formed in Basel, Switzerland, in the mid 18th century, when a group of university students, under the tutelage of Renaissance Historian Jacob Burkhardt, decided to create a protest against the strict "No Live Music Rules" of the surrounding town.  Their so-called "Anti Monday" League has persisted down into the present, embodied by the reoccurring show at the Casbah each Monday.  It is, to be sure, an August heritage, and a tradition well worth preserving.

   Joining Fresh & Only's are support-act Terry Malts and local openers PLATEAUS.  This event ALSO includes the musical styling of disk jockey Martino Ordonobergweiss- fresh off his residency at Hollywood's famed Troubadour venue.  You can purchase advance tickets, here.

  ALSO this week in the North County, San Diego region, local Heroes Transfer will be headlining at the Belly Up Tavern.  Hopefully by now you've read the excellent San Diego City Beat cover story of June 8th, 2011 about their incipient super-stardom.  It also names the manager who is plotting their current path- turns out it is Jeremy Bates of Teen Age Riot Music.  It looks like he has them on the right route for sure.  Next stop: The stars.

   You can purchase tickets to their August 4th, 2011 show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach right HERE.  It might be your last chance to see them before they blast out of the stratosphere: Don't miss it!

   And OH speaking of Plateaus- you won't want to miss the Upcoming 2011 West Coast Art Fag Recordings Tour featuring Heavy Hawaii, PLATEAUS & BLEACHED (ex-Mika Miko, Cold Cave, present Cold Showers.)

   Here is a full list of those shows:

2011 Art Fag Recordings Summer West Coast Tour Dates

08/09 Pomona, CA.  Aladdin Jr. II !
08/10 Sacramento, CA. Luigi's Slice and Fun Garden !
08/12 Seattle WA. The Comet Tavern #
08/13 Portland, ORE.  Mississippi Studios @
08/13 Seattle, WA.  The Comet Tavern #
08/16 San Francisco CA. Hemlock Tavern !
08/18 Santa Cruz CA. The Crepe Place !
08/19 Los Angeles CA.  The Smell !
08/20 San Diego, CA.  Soda Bar !

@ w/ Ganglians, Cuckoo Chaos
#  w/ Pharmacy 

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