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Thursday, May 05, 2011

White People in Kafiristan & The War on Terror

Kalash kids.

Kids at play

  These are  photographs is of native children who lives in northwest Pakistan.  It comes from a photo set labelled Kalash, Chitral.  The Kalash language is from an obscure branch of the indo european language family.  The Kalash live in the part of Pakistan known as the "north west province."  I will guarantee you a million dollars that when most people think about islamic terrorism and the impact our behavior is having in that part of the world, they are wholly unaware that people who look like this- i.e. white- live in THAT part of the world.

  Here is another one:

Kalash Girl Pakistan

  Check out this entire photo set.  Pakistan, people. Pakistan.

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Mark said...

These are photos of Nuristani people. Long known to have paler skin and hair and sometimes green, or more rarely blue eyes.

In Spain there are many people in the Basque region who have red hair.

Who knows how and why?

Nice photos, by the way.

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