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Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Blog is Five Years Old: Its History in 25 Headlines

    This blog turned five years old, unnoticed in the middle May.  It seems like an appropriate time to reflect.

    When it comes to past events, all the participant can do is say "this happened."  I've already done a BUNCH of culling of old posts, so that the material I was pulling from was already "highlights."  There is a clear progression between the beginning of this blog in 2006, and the San Diego Fires of October 2007.  Although I continued to blog between October 2007 and mid 2008, the posts were unfocused.  As far as this blog goes, 2008 was a low point, easing into 2009.  The Wavves show review published on 4/20/09 was when I came "back" rediscovering a passion for local music through a new group of Southern California based artists.

      The period of summer and early fall in 2009 was certainly the artistic high point of the five year period covered here.  Within the period of three months, the Crocodiles started playing with a full band, Dum Dum Girls began playing live shows, Best Coast and Pearl Harbor were still accessible- it was a "golden age."  I think, with the sole exception of the Dirty Beaches Show Review in April of 2010, that this blog was spent as a source of information on the local music scene from January 2010 to the present. Although I edited them out, there were a couple of in public temper tantrums that seem to go with regular writing about a subject you are passionate about- perils of the net.  I have noticed that it is not true that something on the internet is "forever," to give a blog related example, the only "Cat Dirt Records" logo used to be on the mast head of this blog and since I deleted it, you can't find another version on the web.

       There is a clear shift of focus and movement away attending live music events and talking about live music and a general diminishing of "relevance" to any possible readership and I expect that to continue.  You could say that five years represents a natural stopping point, but I think as long as you edit the old posts down to a manageable size and number you can keep it going forever.


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Congrats on five years. One of my favorite blogs ever.

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