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Monday, May 02, 2011

The Ennis Diamond & The Eighth Stream: Important Relationships in American Popular Music

     In his awesome, The Seventh Stream: The Emergence of Rocknroll in American Popular Music, author Philip Ennis describes the relationships common to all "streams" of American Popular Music.  He describes it in the shape of a "diamond" thus "Ennis Diamond" because each corner of the diamond has a relationship with the corresponding corners.  The four tips of the diamond are:


     Each stream of Popular Music (Pop, Country Pop, Black Pop, Gospel, Folk, Jazz, Rock) can be described in terms of the Ennis Diamond, and one can show how Streams can have similarities and differences, both in terms of the tips of the diamond, as well as the relationships between the tips.

   On a personal level, the Ennis Diamond comports with some of the topics I've covered on this blog- particularly the characteristics of the Audience as one of these important "tips" of the Ennis Diamond.

    Using this terminology, a critic could also hypothesize an "eighth stream," perhaps consisting of "electronic pop" or "foreign pop."  You can also use the Ennis Diamond to describe the impact of a specific technological change among Artists of each stream, or how that same technological change allows specific Artists to "cross" the streams.

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