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Friday, April 01, 2011

Crawdaddy: "Dirty Beaches... creates new Genre on Badlands."

           Across the board, reconstituting an already established image is nothing new for musicians—Dylan did it with Guthrie, Gaga with Madonna, and so on—but for something truly successful, it has to remain just that, an image… one that serves as homage or inspiration rather than a template for reproduction. For someone who wears his influences so unabashedly on his sleeve, Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungtai makes music that feels surprisingly fresh amongst the ‘90s rock revivalists, garage-pop outfits , R&B renaissance acts, and chillwave sets that are flooding the indie music market. Take one look at a press photo, live clip, or Dirty Beaches music video, and you’ll recognize the look—Hungtai would have fit right in with Ponyboy and the gang had The Outsiders been a little more ethnically diverse. But don’t let Hungtai’s romanticized ‘50s/’60s affectations let you believe he’s some kind of caricature; his work as Dirty Beaches distills and mixes his influences and touchstones into something wholly his own.
          It may sound weird to call music based in samples, loops, and obvious reference points original, but in Hungtai’s hands, Badlands sounds like nothing else on my radar. That’s to say that in a few months, I expect you’ll be much more likely to hear bands described as sounding like Dirty Beaches, rather than Dirty Beaches described as sounding like other bands. Establishing a genre is a big step for someone just releasing his debut, but that’s where Hungtai’s headed.  (CRAWDADDY MAGAZINE)

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Anonymous said...

DB's shit is top notch, (this writer ought to get his kneepads out tho) - Hungtai's been doin' it well for a while now and deserves the acclaim, but ALAN VEGA? hello?

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