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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Art Fag Recordings Best Coast 7" is Rolling Stones #24 Single of the Year

  Far East Movement Like a g6 is no. 1 of course:

24. Best Coast, "The Sun Was High (So Was I)"
I loved Bethany Cosentino's previous band, Pocahaunted, two quite-possibly-baked girls playing twenty-minute psychedelic guitar jams with titles like "Heroic Doses." I was listening to Best Coast for months before I realized it was the same Bethany, just a lot more baked. Note: she appallingly left this song off her album, so I briefly considered listing "Boyfriend" here instead, but it's not as good, and when I slacken my quality standards, who suffers? We all do!  (ROLLING STONE)

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