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Saturday, August 14, 2010


     The woman working at the NPMT said that "1500" people were attending the NPMT.  I'm assuming that includes panelists and musicians and junk but it seems like an unfathomably large number, especially considering the 35 my panel "Making Your Music Town" drew.  It was video taped (cam recorded?) and is going to be somewhere sometime.  I was more then flattered to be on a panel with Mitchell Frank (SPACELAND///ECHO/ECHOPLEX) and Tim Mays (CASBAH) and Vicky Hamilton.  We talked about making a "music town."  Lyn Chickrawker came as well as one of the guys from the Moviegoers - check out the cool cover art to their 7"... and their record release party at Tin Can Ale House on September 4th.

      Tonight check out ABE VIGODA (PPM) and HEAVY HAWAII (ART FAG RECORDINGS) and ANCIENT CRUX (ZOO MUSIC) with Disc Jockey sets from Martin Ordontez and the Crocosmiles. The event is hosted by SESAC "WE LOVE PEOPLE WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR MUSIC."  It will no doubt be a manageable alternative to what is certain to be a north park clusterfuck, come one and all, especially those with badges and attached lanyards displaying such badges.

  Oh yeah and the guy who owns 11 is a punk because he won't let underage bands play there.  Try being cool.

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