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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rhythm and Blues Notes Billboard Magazine January 1955

  The Billboard is presenting in this issue its "Spotlight on Rhythm and Blues."  It is a survey of the r&b field, covering all types of activities of r &b artists, including recordings, one-nighters, talent r&b packages and much more. Articles and stories cover all areas of the country and are active in r&b, recordings including g New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.
  This is an especially felicitous time to spotlight the r&b field.  For the swinging, infectious and melodic tunes that have come out of the r&b field have, over the past year, swept all before them.  Not even when country tunes were dominating Tin Pan Alley was there the same air of excitement and the commotion as there are today about r&b tunes and r&b artists.  At the moment and perhaps for a long time to come, r&b records are the pop records of the day and every single diskery (even those that never neew what r&b records were a few rears ago) are now issuing their own r&b styled disks.


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