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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Irving Berlin's 9 Rules for Successful Songwriting

1. The melody must be within the average voice of the average singer.
2. The title must be planted throughout the song via use of repetition.
3.  The idea and lyric must be appropriate for both that both will want to sing it.
4.  The song should contain 'heart interest'(pathos) even for a comic song.
5.  The song must be original... success is not imitating the hit song of the moment.
6. Your lyric must deal with ideas, objects or emotions known to everyone.
7.  The lyric must be euphonious: simple and pleasing to the ear.
8.  Your song must be perfectly simple.
9.  The songwriter must look upon his work as a business.

 American Magazine, October 1920.

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Anonymous said...

wow. only #2 isn't really necessary verbatim, although the idea of "repetition" (can be anything, does not need be the song title) certainly is necessary.

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