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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Show Review: Heavy Hawaii & Nude Boy @ The Casbah

Nude Boy:  New band features Melissa and Derek from the Atoms as well as Kristl and Jojo.  Conventional rock set up:  Melissa on drums, Derek on guitar, Kristl on bass and Jojo also on guitar.  All four band members sing- Melissa and Kristl tend to toss voxs back and forth, whereas Derek sings separately. Myspace lists a split 7" w/ Heavy Hawaii on Single Screen Records.  2011?

Heavy Hawaii:  Def. some melodies and I thought the song writing was different, interesting and catchy.  Can't wait to hear how they clean up in the studio!  Good


bigtime said...

one of these guys will hit it bigtime!

Divya4u said...

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