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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hot Right Now: Monks, Monasticism, Asthetic of Self Denial

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Man, there is no denying the significance of the "middle ages" in modern culture. Peep comic con, peep heavy metal, peep... um... harry potter? THE MIDDLE AGES. One of the coolest aspects of the middle ages in my mind were the monks. And I'm not talking about druids here- I'm talking about monks. Christian monks.

The real ill shit when it comes to monks is not the peeps everyone thinks of- the Sean Connery, castle dwelling 14th century italian monks- no no- those monks are wack. The real monks are the one's from the near east before the adoption of Christianity as the official faith of Rome. They were straight up gangsters- and the practiced a strict, strict version of christianity that is more like a vibe you would equate with eastern religions today- mediation, self denial- that kind of shit. And they lived in caves in the middle of the desert. Hell yeah.


Doug said...

awesome catch, awesome take. if it weren't for random yet enthralling posts like this, cat dirt sez would just be another sd music blog. godspeed in leading the pack. seriously.

Rosemary said...

the only monks i care about are the belgian ones who make chimay.

kidding, of course.

Did you know there's a Renaissance Faire in Balboa park this weekend? You should cover it. It's like a subgenre of comic-conners. Fascinating stuff. And the people are always in character and speak faux old timey. Last year, the day of the faire there was a huge party of people at SD brewing company and even outside the faire, they were all in character. Fucking discipline.

Natalie said...

gregor mendel was a monk, and it's because of him that i have a job today. woo pea plant genetics.

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