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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ponytail (band)(Baltimore, Maryland)(Monitor Records)

Hey everybody: Ponytail!
on Monitor Records.

They are opening for Battles on Friday at Beauty Bar San Diego

A tiny bit of (8.1 style)love from Pitchfork.

Your hand 'Fork reference point for cool chatting at the show Friday night:

People might compare Ponytail to Deerhoof-- indeed, some already have-- but I'm not really the one to debate the comparison's accuracy. And maybe it's just the weird gloss of digital production, but what they're doing sounds pretty damn original to me.

You are WELCOME for that!

How about a little local love?

Known for their floor-shaking, sugar-fueled live sets, local quartet Ponytail is shockingly melodic on its debut album, Kamehameha, recently released on local art-rock baron Peter Quinn's fledgling Creative Capitalism label. Though usually described as post-art school punk, or pop-punk, or whatever people are calling the undeniably infectious rock that's started multiplying in the depths of the Copy Cat Building, Ponytail nimbly defies classification.

Whatever- you are going to have to come early on account of the no advance ticket/sure to be a sell out tip of the Battles show- so be educated.

Wouldn't it be funny if Ponytail played "Check Yo Ponytail" in Los Angeles?

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